Testnet Faucets

Acquiring Goerli ETH for BlockSpot

To participate in the BlockSpot ecosystem on the testnet, you will need Goerli Testnet ETH. You can obtain this by using a faucet designed to distribute Goerli ETH specifically for use with BlockSpot.

Using the Faucet

  • General Access: You can request 0.5 Goerli ETH from the faucet once every 24 hours. This process is streamlined to ensure that developers and users can maintain consistent engagement with the BlockSpot Testnet.

  • Requirements: To utilize this faucet, an email sign-up may be required, allowing for a simple and secure way to distribute funds. Notably, there is no need for Mainnet ETH to use this service.

  • Quick Requests: For those looking to get Goerli ETH swiftly, some faucets offer a quick-connect feature where linking your wallet directly to the faucet allows for immediate distribution.

  • Bonus for Holding Mainnet ETH: If you possess at least 0.01 ETH on the Ethereum Mainnet, certain faucets may offer you twice the amount of Testnet ETH, especially if you participate in social sharing, such as tweeting about your experience.

Support and Donation

  • This faucet service, provided by the BlockSpot Name Service team, is a community-driven effort. Users are encouraged to use it responsibly and consider donating any spare Goerli ETH to support the ongoing availability and improvement of the testnet environment.

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