The BlockSpot bridge facilitates the seamless transfer of assets between Ethereum Goerli and the BlockSpot Goerli Testnet.

Accessing the BlockSpot Bridge

To utilize the bridge services, you can access the BlockSpot Bridge at the following link:

Access the BlockSpot Bridge Here

Deposit and Withdrawal Times

When making deposits through the BlockSpot Bridge, the process is designed to be swift, typically taking only 1-2 seconds. This rapid transaction time is a testament to the efficiency of the BlockSpot network infrastructure.

For withdrawals from the testnet back to Ethereum Goerli, the process is equally efficient, with transactions being processed within approximately 3 minutes. These expedited withdrawal times reflect BlockSpot's commitment to providing a user-friendly experience that facilitates easy testing and development on the testnet.

Ensuring Smooth Transactions

To ensure a smooth and successful transaction when using the BlockSpot Bridge, it's important to:

  • Verify that your MetaMask is set to the correct network (Goerli Testnet) before initiating a transfer.

  • Confirm that you have sufficient Goerli Testnet ETH in your wallet to cover any network fees.

  • Follow any additional instructions provided on the bridge interface to complete your deposit or withdrawal.

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