BlockSpot's roadmap details our short to medium-term deliverables, reflecting our dynamic approach to development and community engagement. This living document will evolve as we achieve milestones, integrate new value additions, and conduct regular timeline assessments.


Spanning the next three to six months, this roadmap also provides insights into our strategies beyond that, extending into Q2 2024.

Enhancing Onboarding for Investors & Community

Objective: Improve the user experience for our D-App and information hub. Completion: Mid-November 2023

Key Deliverables:

  1. Update Documentation:

    • Audit and refresh existing content.

    • Collaborate with product teams for updates.

    • Develop clear, visually engaging documentation.

    • Regular reviews for current information.

  2. Redesign LP Claim and Staking Pages:

    • Analyze user feedback.

    • Prototype new designs, focusing on UX.

    • Implement and test redesigns.

  3. Expand Development and Design Teams:

    • Identify team skill gaps.

    • Conduct recruitment and onboarding.

  4. Liquidity Decentralization Studies:

    • Research and develop visualization tools.

    • Create prototypes and gather user feedback.


  • By end of October: Complete team expansions and documentation audit.

  • Early November: Implement redesigned pages and liquidity visualizer prototypes.

  • Mid-November: Launch all updates and collect feedback for quick iterations.

Community Engagement & Growth Strategy

Objective: Bolster community involvement and enhance BlockSpot's brand. Completion: Late November 2023

Key Deliverables:

  1. Launch New Brand Elements:

    • Redefine brand guidelines.

    • Integrate new elements across platforms.

  2. Develop Community Engagement Roadmap:

    • Set engagement metrics and strategies.

    • Initiate collaborations and feedback loops.

  3. Open BlockSpot Discord Channel:

    • Establish structured community channels.

    • Host interactive sessions and incentives.

  4. Enhance Speaking Opportunities and Events:

    • Identify and participate in relevant events.

    • Create engaging community events.

  5. Boost Social Media Presence:

    • Revamp social media strategies.

    • Collaborate with influencers for enhanced reach.


  • By mid-November: Develop and release initial community chat rooms.

  • End of October: Finalize new branding and set up Discord.

  • Early November: Begin community engagement initiatives and social media enhancements.

  • Mid-November: Host major community event and refine strategies.

Development of BlockSpot Locker (LocQer)

Objective: Create a decentralized liquidity Locker focusing on security and user experience. Completion: Mid-December 2023

Key Deliverables:

  1. Design LocQer Interface:

    • Develop UI/UX designs.

    • Prototype and revise based on feedback.

  2. Testing and Feedback Phases:

    • Conduct alpha testing.

    • Invite prominent community members for testing.

    • Gather and implement feedback.

  3. Pre-Launch Marketing:

    • Organize promotional events.

    • Develop marketing materials.

  4. Launch Events:

    • Coordinate special launch initiatives.

    • Showcase LocQer's capabilities.


  • By mid-November: Finalize designs and begin alpha testing.

  • End of November: Conduct pre-launch marketing.

  • Mid-December: Host special launch events.

Section 4: Revenue Model and Resource Expansion for LocQer

Objective: Incentivize usage of LocQer and refine revenue streams. Completion: Mid-December 2023

Key Deliverables:

  1. Secure Partnerships with Market Makers:

    • Develop and finalize collaboration agreements.

  2. Engage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs):

    • Establish collaborations for promotion and feedback.

  3. Team Expansion:

    • Identify additional resource needs.

    • Conduct recruitment and integration.

  4. Explore New Markets and Verticals:

    • Research and pilot projects in new areas.


  • Early December: Establish market maker relationships and team expansion.

  • Mid-December: Engage with KOLs and initiate market expansion plans.

  • End of December: Launch pilot projects and refine revenue models.

Section 5: Advancing Social Fi Applications

Objective: Leverage new Web3 products and community strength for Social Fi integration. Completion: Q1 - Q2 2024

Key Deliverables:

  1. Develop Social Fi Concept Mockups:

    • Create visual representations of the Social Fi concept.

  2. Conduct Industry Case Studies:

    • Analyze market potential and competitors.

  3. Revenue Forecasting and Simulations:

    • Model growth scenarios and financial projections.

  4. KOL Engagement for Beta Testing:

    • Gather insights for B2B and B2C applications.

  5. MVP Development and Reveal:

    • Create and test an MVP of the Social Fi platform.


  • Early Q1: Finalize designs and begin industry analysis.

  • Mid-Q1: Complete revenue models and initiate KOL engagement.

  • End of Q1: Develop MVP and start internal testing.

  • Mid-Q2: Reveal MVP to the community and gather feedback.

This roadmap is part of BlockSpot's ongoing commitment to transparency and engagement with our community. Regular updates will be provided through our official channels, ensuring our stakeholders are always informed of our progress and future plans.

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